What is this?

Haystack is a web application for browsing past Twitch streams. Catch up on what you missed after busy days, and quickly scan for interesting moments.

Currently under development by Patrickgh3. I made this :)

How it works

Every 5 minutes, the application queries Twitch to get a list of all live channels that we follow. This "snapshot", including thumbnail images, is stored in a carefully structured database. Then, with a little magic, the database is accessible through this website. Also there are a bunch of fun intricacies and edge cases.

Haystack is written in Go, uses MySQL and Nginx, and runs on a DigitalOcean droplet.

The interface is heavily inspired by hckrnews.

GitHub Repo

To Do list

Mobile view, stream clips.

Change log

2017-10-24 - Added dark mode, fixed glitched characters

2017-10-23 - Added this About page

2017-10-18 - Added search, fix ordering

2017-10-17 - Overhauled UI