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Hi! I'm Patrick Traynor. I'm an independent game developer and programmer living in California.

I have a history of making precision platformers in the I Wanna Be The Guy fangame community; it's an interesting design space with talented developers. I love elegant puzzle games such as The Witness, Stephen's Sausage Roll, and Uurnog Uurnlimited. I'm also interested in game dev tool design, niche mod/romhacking communities, and playtesting.

Feel free to message me via email, Discord, or Twitter! :)


Linelith Level Design Timeline (2023) - interactive timeline of the level design iteration of Linelith.

Puzzle Level Idea Strategies (2022) - list of creative exercises and sources of inspiration for making puzzle levels.

Parabox release interview with Game Developer (2022) - design decisions and development of Patrick's Parabox.

Road to the IGF interview with Game Developer (2020) - some writing about Patrick's Parabox's development.

Developer Spotlight with IGDA San Diego (2019) - some background about me and my projects.

Current and recent projects

Patrick's Parabox

Recursive puzzle game about boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Won the 2020 IGF Excellence in Design award, and the 2019 IndieCade Developers Choice award. January 2018 - March 2022.

This interview has more info about the game


Line-drawing puzzle game with puzzles embedded in rocks and crystals. Part of the CosmOS 9 bundle. November 2021 - May 2022.

CosmOS 9

I Wanna Maker

Level editor and online level sharing system for I Wanna Be The Guy fangames. Made with a team of 7+. Released on Steam Early Access in February 2020. 2016 - present.


I'm also usually working on a bunch of small things, like puzzle prototypes, game jams, and playtesting games.

Select past projects

Clockwork Cat

Cute puzzle game about a cat who can manipulate time. Won 2nd overall in Ludum Dare 27 with the theme "10 seconds" in 2013.

Ludum Dare page

I Wanna Run the Marathon

I Wanna Be The Guy fangame featuring worlds of other games. Featured in Awesome Games Done Quick 2018. Made with a team of 4 in 2016.

Delicious Fruit page
AGDQ 2018 video

The Vacuum Cleaner in the Room

Sokoban-like game about addressing the vacuum cleaners in the room. Made for Thinky Puzzle Jam in 2021.


Haystack stream archive browser

Unity build script

Jtool IWBTG level editor

DelFruit Info Twitch extension

Mod levels

7 Segment Sprint SMW kaizo level

jump_byhicrine rocket jump map


Some jam games on

Boxing Up Bamboo (2022)

Frog Wizard Gem Quest (2022)

Hat Tricks: Hare in Box (2022)

Railway to the Moon (2021)

Omniban puzzlescript game (2018)

Twin Stick Town LD jam game (2018)

Vine Story LD jam game and LD page (2016)

Closing GGJ game (2015)

Diverge LD jam game (2012)

CSE 125 school project video (2018)

Some projects on GitHub