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I Wanna Be The Guy Fangames are a niche genre of freeware platformer games based around a set of super-tight player physics and instant respawns when you die.

In 2007, Kayin released I Wanna Be The Guy, which became infamous as a very difficult and ridiculous platformer. In the years since then, fangames of IWBTG sprouted up and gradually expanded into a community of their own, with currently over 8500 games, and many subgenres and evolutions of mechanics! IWBTG fangames have been featured a number of times in speedrunning marathons Games Done Quick and European Speedrunner Assembly. New IWBTG fangames are regularly being developed and released, and the community hosts events such as speedrunning marathons, tournaments, game making contests, and more!

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The English-speaking IWBTG fangame community is most active on Twitch and Discord. To connect with the community, you can view and chat in Twitch streams, join the I Wanna Community Discord server, and join the many Discord servers of individual Twitch streamers!

Making IWBTG fangames can be a fun and rewarding hobby! Upsides include a convenient base engine so you don't start from scratch, passionate fangame makers to get help and feedback from, and a guaranteed audience for your games in the community, on Delicious Fruit and Twitch.

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Cycling fangame screenshot Cycling fangame screenshot
Cycling fangame screenshot Cycling fangame screenshot

Common Genres

Adventure fangames are generally well-rounded, with various themed areas and bosses.

Needle fangames focus on intricate, precise platforming with spikes and various mechanics.

In avoidance fangames, you dodge pattern and random bullet barrages in sync with music.

Trap or "troll" fangames are loaded with funny and clever traps.

Puzzle fangames have, well, puzzles, combined with the standard player physics and obstacles.

Medley fangames patch together small segments from a variety of fangames in sequence.


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Published 2017, last updated 2022

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