This page will hopefully recommend fun, easy fangames to play if you haven't played any before! (What are IWBTG fangames?)

Be sure to extract the game's folder from the .zip into a "fangames" folder on your computer before playing, and keep each fangame in its own folder. The in-game controls are Shift to jump/select, Z to shoot, R to respawn, and Escape to quit. Also note that this page might be updated occasionally.

Adventure and gimmick

To start, here are some general recommendations, many of which are classified as adventure games and/or gimmick games:


If you're looking specifically for needle games, which focus on just intricate, precise spike jumps, here you go:


If you're looking specifically for avoidance games, in which you dodge bullet barrages in sync with music, here you go:


If you're looking specifically for trap or "troll" games, which are overloaded with clever and funny traps, here you go:


If you would enjoy starting with very challenging games (most people don't), or you have some fangame experience built up, here you go:

Recommendations beyond this page

This page is only a starting point; there are so many fangames to discover! Here are a few ways to find more fangames:

- Check out curated lists by Geezer, Sunbla & Zero, Paragus, Denferok, Inferno.
- Browse Delicious Fruit and search by rating, difficulty, tags, and more.
- Ask friends in the community for recommendations based on what you like.

In closing

I hope this page helps you pick good first fangames! If you want to read more about fangames and the community, check out the overview page! And if you have any suggestions for this page please tell me! I'm Patrick no. 0303 on Discord and Clockworkpat on Twitter. Thanks to shign for additional game suggestions.