This is a list of I Wanna Be The Guy fangame recommendations for new players. For an introduction and a big list of community links, visit the below link!



Adventure fangames are generally well-rounded, with various themed areas and bosses.


Needle fangames focus on intricate, precise platforming with spikes and various mechanics.


In avoidance fangames, you dodge pattern and random bullet barrages in sync with music.


Trap or "troll" fangames are loaded with funny and clever traps.


Puzzle fangames have, well, puzzles, combined with the standard player physics and obstacles.


These games are high-quality but also more challenging. You can attempt them after you have a bit of experience and/or want more of a challenge.

I Wanna Maker

I Wanna Maker is like Super Mario Maker but for IWBTG fangames! You can find levels of any difficulty, and make your own levels too.

Further Recommendations

This page is only a starting point; there are so many fangames out there to discover!

In addition to the list on this page, also check out these curated lists by various community members:

You can also search for games by rating, difficulty, tags, and more on Delicious Fruit:

And you can ask for more personalized recommendations in the I Wanna Community Discord:

Thanks to shign, and many others, for additional game suggestions.

If you have any ideas for how to improve this page, such as games that could be added or removed, or any other kind of changes, please let me know! :) I'm Patrick # 0303 on Discord, and also have Twitter and Email.

Published 2017, last updated 2021